Chris Rickwood
Game Sound Designer and Composer
Smite, Rising Storm, Orcs Must Die, Age of Empires Online, Madden NFL 12, Tribes: Ascend and more
"I'm a heavy, heavy user of Sample Manager now Myriad.  I use it pretty much every day to do my batch processing, especially for voice over in games where I get a batch of 100 to 1000 lines.  I'll top and tail, compress, add reverb, limiter for safety, tiny fades so no pops, convert to 16-bit 22,050.  Occasionally I have to process the voice like a robot or alien and I use the “Process with Effects”. I’ve bought them all and this one does a lot of things really right. It’s one of the few batch processing apps you can actually preview before rendering and you can see it visually beforehand, invaluable!  This is the most powerful batch converter out there."
David Das
Composer and Producer
American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Discovery Channel and many more
"Some of the new and improved actions in Myriad make it a substantially worthy upgrade, and the new UI is great. This app has saved me thousands of hours of tedious manual labor. Sometimes I'll use it for processing just one file even though it's designed as a batch processor. It's like a Swiss army knife for audio — it can handle one or a thousand files simultaneously and do just about anything you can imagine to them. It's quick, easy, and it has world-class algorithms and functions built in."
"I was a big fan of its predecessor, Sample Manager, for sample library development. I'd use it for things like quickly splitting long audio sessions into individual samples, cropping beginnings and ends, trimming them, and processing them, all in batch. Sample Manager, and now Myriad, is brilliant because I can throw all the samples into it, preview my actions before I execute, and very quickly tap through hundreds or thousands of files. It's gold."
Larry Anthony
Mastering Engineer
Janelle Monae, Ce Lo Green, Tyler Perry, Zac Brown Band and more
"Myriad is now a big help for us, we are starting to use it like we did Sample Manager, constantly running with every mastering session.  Many don’t realize how important it is to maintain the quality during sample rate conversion. Different sample rate converters have very different sound qualities that you can hear it in the depth of image detail and the natural width of the stereo image.  The wrong converter for sure lessens the experience and degree of reality a final master can deliver to listeners. We use it full time to check LU's and RMS levels of our master files not to mention so much more. Myriad lends even more validity to what we’re seeing with our DAW mastering meters and it's really cool that Myriad will display a full scope of metadata including the ISRC's found in today's BWF wave files."
Philipp Lange
Sound Designer for Ableton Live
"We use Sample Manager (now Myriad) for generating preview files for the presets in our Packs, the short preview note or drum loop when you select a synth preset or drum rack. The whole process is scripted and runs automatically to create the files. I also like to use it when I'm working with raw one-shot samples to batch trim and normalize, saving different Workflows for different needs."
Rick Sheppard
Recording and Mix Engineer
Gwen Stefani, Pink, Madonna, Duran Duran, Lady Gaga and more
"I used Sample Manager all the time for converting files. I love that you can build your own templates, the Workflows.  If I want to normalize the volume and convert it to MP3 I could do it all in one Workflow. It’s the only one that does it right. You don’t have to worry about it.  I like the fact that you could set up to batch convert, build your batch converter.  Once it is finished I can just send it off. It’s amazing how much more you can do now in Myriad!"
Steven Bolar
Director of Production, Big Fish Audio
"I’ve been a fan of the Audiofile Engineering line of products for many years. Sample Manager has been at the center of my workflow, almost on a daily basis.  Dealing with massive amounts of audio files, I need a program I can trust and that has the functionality I need.  For batch processing audio files, there’s nothing I’ve found with the wealth of options and control over each process and now Myriad offers even greater performance.  From sample rate conversion to metadata editing, I know Myriad can easily handle it,  even with large file quantities."
"When we release a product at Big Fish Audio, we have to ensure that our audio files are free of issues or corruption.  Myriad offers the ability to load in all my files at once, quickly analyze them,  and easily identify and correct any issues.  I also use Myriad frequently for its format conversion, fades, bit depth conversion, normalizing, silence removal on both ends of audio samples, creating MP3’s and a lot more."
Vernon Reid
Guitarist, Songwriter and Composer
Founder of Living Colour and collaborator with The Roots, Donald Byrd, Mick Jagger, Public Enemy, David Torn, Elliott Sharp and more
“I have mountains of material I’ve recorded, old audio recordings on hard drives, that I use for movies, independent films and documentaries. Sample Manager before, and now Myriad, helps simplify the file management big-time for trimming, setting loop points, fade in and fade out, normalizing.
“We’ve all become asset management people. One of the grand and great burdens is having libraries of recordings. When I finish working on a film I end up with tons of audio. This app is a great tool to help with organization to manage the libraries. Sometimes you don’t want to open your DAW. You can do that with your DAW but I want to use the DAW environment for creating not the management of the things themselves.
Devin Kerr
Mastering Engineer
Michelle Chamuel, Vulfpeck, High Highs, Theo Katzman, A Great Big World, Beasts of the Southern Wild soundtrack (Sundance Winner) and more
"I use Myriad for a bunch of things! I use it for final QC sanity check for masters. I put the whole album in Myriad and verify that all the sample rates, bit depths, RMS/peak levels, etc., are correct and reasonable. Also for conversion to AAC or MP3, AIFF to WAV and vice versa, applying a static gain change to lots of files and bit depth/sample rate conversions."
Nick Landis
Mastering Engineer
Meat Puppets, Sin City Soundtrack
"I trust Myriad like I did Sample Manager. I used Sample Manager regularly as a batch processor before mastering if given files at different sample rates and I used the file repair too."
Hugo Tichborne
Purveyors of quality sample based instruments
"I have been using Sample Manager for over 4 years and it has become one of the core apps in my workflow. I use it almost every day for a multitude of jobs: re-naming, cropping, chopping, converting, processing, previewing… it’s like having a Swiss Army Knife for samples."
Rich Breen
Grammy-winning Recording, Mix and Mastering Engineer
Yellowjackets, Dianne Reeves, Ivan Lins, Al Jarreau, Herbie Hancock, Peter Erskine, Charlie Haden, Billy Childs, Ramsey Lewis, Seth MacFarlane, Freda Payne, Jeff Lorber, numerous orchestral feature film scores for Disney, MGM, and many more
"At the end of the session you have twenty mixes to send out for approval, you need to sample rate convert, peak limit them so they’re all at a reasonable level to listen, dither, generate AAC versions, then upload, and clients want things right away!  I don’t know how else you’re going to do it all, in the right order, besides in Sample Manager, now Myriad, or else spend another two hours! It's just what you have to use at the end of the day to generate the mix refs.  I love the fact that you can save Workflows so when I’m working on a project long term, all the mix refs go out same level and same processing on them when a client comes back with a small change.  It's awesome!"