The ultimate audio batch processor.
Myriad is, simply put, the best audio batch processor. Totally redesigned, it looks beautiful and delivers incredible performance. Let Myriad do the heavy lifting while you get back to doing what you do best: creating great sounds and music.
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One powerful productivity tool
Save time. Work better. Create more.
Myriad packs a serious punch in a beautiful interface. With more than 100 Actions and many other great features, Myriad helps you work more efficiently, saving you countless hours that you can spend creating.
A brand new experience.
We have crafted an entirely new user experience which makes Myriad gorgeous and even easier to use. Who said productivity tools can't be beautiful?
Over 100 powerful Actions.
Myriad now has over 100 new and improved Actions including expanded and reorganized metadata Property Actions, Intelligent Stereo to Mono, Send to Dropbox, Set MIDI Base Note and many, many more.
Sweat the details.
Knowledge is power, so Myriad displays a high level of detail for your audio files. In addition to Peak, Average and DC Offset, Myriad now features Mid Peak, Side Peak, LU and LUFS.
Keeps you informed.
Free your mind so you can focus on being creative. Build a Workflow and let Myriad execute it in the background. Detailed status, logs and support for Notification Center keep you informed on Myriad's progress.
Ride the wave(form).
Myriad now sports a gorgeous, highly detailed and full screen-capable waveform view.
New. Standard.
Goodhertz SRC
The Goodhertz Sample Rate Converter has the ideal balance between frequency response and transient response — two of the most important characteristics of any sample rate converter. This means that it does its job with the least possible sonic impact, preserving crystal-clear high end while also maintaining sharp transients. The Goodhertz SRC has virtually zero aliasing with performance better than -192 dB, meaning it is error-free at lowest amplitudes.
Good Dither
When reducing the bit depth for the destination format, the application of dither noise prevents distortion and quantization error. Compared to some long-standing dither algorithms, Goodhertz Good Dither produces better noise reduction without excessive noise shaping. Good Dither also has a wider, flatter noise reduction region which contributes to higher performance in the most critical areas.
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About Myriad
Composer, Producer
"The new UI is so clean and easy to use, and the new and improved actions in Myriad make it a substantially worthy upgrade. This app has saved me thousands of hours of tedious manual labor. Myriad handles one file or a thousand files with ease and speed, and it has some incredible algorithms and capabilities to manipulate audio into just about anything you’ll ever need."
Game Sound Designer, Composer
"I use it pretty much every day to do my batch processing, especially for voice-over in games where I get a batch of 100 to 1,000 lines. I’ve bought them all and this one does a lot of things really right. It’s one of the few batch processing apps you can actually preview before rendering and you can see it visually beforehand, invaluable! This is the most powerful batch converter out there."
Sound Designer, Ableton AG
"We use Sample Manager, now Myriad, for generating preview files for the presets in our Packs, the short preview note or drum loop when you select a synth preset or drum rack. The whole process is scripted and runs automatically to create the files. I also like to use it when I'm working with raw one-shot samples to batch trim and normalize, saving different Workflows for different needs."
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Robust support for AppleScript ensures that Myriad plays well with others.
Now that Myriad fully supports Notification Center, you can let it work behind the scenes.
All keyboard commands in Myriad can be customized, saved and shared.
File Naming
Rename files with ease with Myriad's new drag-and-drop file naming tokens.
Learn the basics
Watch our comprehensive Myriad Basics video tutorial.
Learn everything about the Files List, Actions, Workflows,
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Myriad is compatible with macOS 10.11+